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2014 Round 29, Half time.

25th September Birthdays.
   Marcus Ashcroft '71, Gavin Brown '67, Gordon Coventry '01,
Chris Knights '86, Bradley Plain '69, Nicky Winmar '65, John Worsfold '68.

 PLAYER OF THE DAY. Leigh Tudor, born 25th September 1969.
Playing his first senior game at North Melbourne in 1989, Leigh was only able to play a total of 8 games for the club in 4 seasons and kick 6 goals. 

In contrast he moved to Geelong in 1993 and his 4 years there, as a half forward flanker, saw him in 60 games for 53 goals. He was a smart player with a turn of pace and good goal sense. Following his playing days he became an assistant coach.

Source: The Encyclopaedia Of AFL Footballers.

Warwick Capper.
With the possible exception of Dermott Brereton it would be hard to find a player as flamboyant or self-confident as Warwick.
Playing with Sydney at a time where they were still trying to raise their profile there is no doubt he helped with that.  He was very definitely a ‘stay at home’ full forward, and why not with his ability to take good grabs and kick goals.
With the Swans from 1983 to 1987 and again in 1991, he played a total of 90 games for 317 goals. The teams highest goal scorer in all but his first year, in 1987 he became only the second South Melbourne/Sydney player to kick over 100 goals in a season.
He moved to Brisbane for 3 seasons (’88-’90) and played 34 games for 71 goals before finishing his career with 1 last year in Sydney. 
Source: The Encyclopaedia Of AFL Footballers.
Brisbane V Collingwood Record Crowds.
Round 19 2003, MCG, and Brisbane are facing Collingwood for the second time in the season. The previous game at the Gabba saw Brisbane with a narrow win at the end.
No doubt the record crowd of 61,868 for a home and away game between these 2 clubs would have been mainly Collingwood, hoping for a reversal of the previous 2 meetings.
But at quarter time Brisbane had scored 8 goals to 1 and it took until the final break for Collingwood to get to 8 goals (8.8).
The last quarter saw both teams have 6 shots at goal but the Lions were more accurate and ran out winners 15.11 to 8.14.
Back at the MCG at the end of the previous season the largest crowd to attend a final between these 2 teams was the 2002 grand Final which attracted 91,817 people. And once again it saw Brisbane victorious in the second of their run of 3 Premierships.
Final scores, in a very tight game, were Brisbane 10.15.75 to Collingwoods 9.12.66.
Source: AFL Record Season Guide 2013 and Wikipedia.

Stan Alves – Player and Coach.
With Melbourne from 1965 to 1976, Stan played 226 games for 160 goals and was Best and Fairest in 1972 and 1974, Captain from 1973 to 1976 and played for Victoria 3 times.
Not bad for a player who was initially rejected by Norm Smith as he couldn’t see his quality. But persistence paid off and he became a great player on the wing in a team that was struggling.
In 1977 he moved to North Melbourne where he spent 3 seasons for 40 games and 14 goals which included a Premiership in his first year.
After hanging up the boots he became a specialist coach and in 1994, after four years in that role at St. Kilda he was appointed senior coach.
He led the team in 115games of which 5 were finals with 1 being a grand-final. His record as a coach was 55 wins 1 draw and 59 losses, a winning percentage of 48%.
Obviously, despite the finals appearances, this was not good enough for the club and they let him go at the end of 1998.
Source: The Encyclopaedia Of AFL Footballers & AFL Record Season Guide 2013.

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