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2014 Round 21, Half time.

31st July Birthdays.
Brodie Atkinson '72, Richard Dennis '66, Spiro Kourkoumelis '63,
Don Roach '40.

 PLAYER OF THE DAY. Chad Rintoul, born 31st July 1974.
In Adelaides Premiership years of 1997 and 1998 Chad played 23 games for the club, including the 1997 Grand Final, and kicked 16 goals. He was a stout mid fielder originally from East Fremantle. 

1999 found him traded to the West Coast Eagles where his strength saw him able to crash through packs and  he played 24 of his 39 games in his first year with the club.  He also scored 10 goals for them before again being, surprisingly, delisted at the end of 2000.

This time he moved to Victoria to play at Collingwood where he spent the next two seasons.  During his time with the Magpies he played 14 games for 5 goals.

Source: The Encyclopaedia Of AFL Footballers.

Top 3 Draft Picks 1992.
Drew Banfield was drafted to the West Coast Eagles in their first flag winning year but didn’t debut for them until 1993.
However, 2 of his 265 games were Premierships in, 1994 and 2005, with him being the only player to be in both.
Starting as a tagger, he was moved to the mid field where he really showed his worth.
By the time he finished his career in 2006 he had scored 76 goals and as well as being a dual Premiership player he was club Best and Fairest in 1996 and represented Western Australia twice.

Nathan Chapman was put straight into the full back post when he joined Brisbane and played 60 games for them from 1993 to 1997 kicking 13 goals.
He had a few good years at the club, but by around 1996 injury and lack of form took their toll and he was delisted.
Moving to Hawthorn he had another good year in 1998, but with the emergence of other defenders he again found himself overlooked.
From 1998 to 2000 he played 16 games for 4 goals.

Michael Prior became a Bomber at this draft and played 81 games for Essendon from 1994 to 2000 and kicked 19 goals.
By 1996 this tough half back flanker really hit his straps and was a regular part of the team until around 2000 when he started to play less matches and spent a lot of time on the bench.
2001 saw him move back to his native state of Western Australia where he joined the West Coast Eagles.  Over the next two seasons he was in 9 games for 1 goal and during his career he also represented Western Australia in 2 state of origin games.
Source: The Encyclopaedia Of AFL Footballers & AFL Record Season Guide 2013.

Glenorchy AFC.
Glenorchy football club as we know it today came about when the New Town football club merged with the club playing at Glenorchy.
Football was played at New Town since the late 1870’s and the club started playing junior league games in 1919.
Accepted into the Tasmanian Football League seniors in 1921 they had to wait until 1935 to win the first of their 16 premierships.  The Captain/Coach of that team was Roy Cazaly who went on to play in Victoria before coming back to the club in 1948 as Coach.

In 1957 New Town joined Glenorchy Rovers to form the Glenorchy Magpies and they continued in the TFL until it was disbanded in 2000.  Since then they have been part of the Southern Football League.

Notable players to join VFL/AFL ranks from the club include Brodie Holland, Aaron Joseph and Daryn Cresswell.  Peter Hudson also played for the club after his VFL career.
 Source: australian

Jarrod Molloy – Journeyman.
Jarrod played for Fitzroy, as had his father, from 1994 to 1996 in 59 games and kicked 54 goals.
He was drafted from Box Hill in the VFA under the Father Son rule, having debuted there at 16 years of age.
Having a good first year he dropped off a little in 1995 and then shone again in 1996 when moved to full back.
Moving to Brisbane with the merger he again found himself at full forward and had another good year until injuries saw him sidelined.
He was with the Lions from 1997 to 2000 and played 61 games for 104 goals, topping the clubs goal kicking in 1999.
2001 saw him back in Victoria with Collingwood.  He was always a big bodied player and he lost 10 kg in the lead up to the 2001 season.
Jarrod liked to use his frame to crash the packs, and this added to the potency of the Magpies forward line.
By 2003 the crash and bash style had taken its toll on his body and he retired at the end of that season after playing 49 games for 42 goals.
Source: The Encyclopaedia Of AFL Footballers.

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