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2014 Round 20, Three quarter time.

26th July Birthdays.
Simon Beasley 1956, Nathan Buckley 1972, Jim Plunkett 1978.

 PLAYER OF THE DAY. Ryan Hargrave, born 26th July 1981.
Ryan followed his father to the Western Bulldogs but played a lot more games for the club.  From 2002 to 2012 Ryan was in 186 games and kicked 35 goals.

Although he had a light frame (79kg), he proved to be a very capable defender, and after a slow start in his first year he had a better year in 2002, playing 19 games.

2004 saw him in 14 games but by 2005 and 2006 he was a regular in the team.  In 2008 Coach Rodney Eade said he was one of the most improved players at the club.

Source: The Encyclopaedia Of AFL Footballers.

3 x #20 At Hawthorn.
Albert ‘Bert’ Hyde played 129 games for Hawthorn from 1925 to 1935 and kicked an impressive 269 goals.
He had a long kick and could take a good grab, winning the clubs goal kicking from 1926 to 1932.
Personal achievements include playing for Victoria in 1928, 1929 and 1933.

Ian Bremner joined the Hawks in 1967 after playing 1 season and 1 game at Collingwood.
Faring much better at his new club he played 158 games and kicked 6 goals from 1967 to 1976.
Collingwood realised, too late, that they had made a mistake letting him go, as he turned out to be a hard half back flanker that played in Hawthorn’s 1971 and 1976 Premiership sides.

Scott Maginness also played on a half back flank and was part of the Hawk’s 1998 and 1999 flag sides.
With the club from 1988 to 1996 he played 131 games for 8 goals and was a no frills, hardworking team man.
Source: The Encyclopaedia Of AFL Footballers and AFL tables.
Barry Breen.
Barry will always be remembered as the hero of St. Kilda’s one and only Premiership in 1966 when he kicked a point to give them the game.
With a Grandfather that had played Gaelic Football and led Kerry to the All-Ireland championship, football was in his blood.  Playing at centre half forward early in his career he moved to defence and fitted in there as well.
He was a 300 game player for the Saints from 1965 to 1982 and kicked 308 goals. Captain of the club in 1979, he topped their goal kicking in 1970 and represented Victoria 3 times.
Source: The Encyclopaedia Of AFL Footballers.

Some Lesser Known Awards.
Awards such as the Brownlow Medal and the Norm Smith medal are well known.  But there are, or were, some lesser known awards presented to players in the VFL/AFL.

The Gardiner Medal was first awarded in 1926 and was for the Best and Fairest player in the VFL Seconds.
Named after a late President of the competition (Frank Gardiner) it was last presented in 1999 when the Reserves, as it was known since 1959, was terminated.
Some winners of this award that went on to be VFL/AFL footballers include Tony Liberatore, Roger Merrett and Greg Dear.

The Morrish Medal was named in honour of a Tom Morrish who was treasurer of the Seconds/Reserves from 1922 to 1967. It was first awarded in 1947 to the Best and Fairest player in the VFL thirds which changed its name to the under 19’s in 1959.
With the changes to the AFL competition the medal has been presented to the Best and Fairest in the TAC cup under 18’s since 1992.

The Michael Tuck Medal is quite obviously named after games record holder and Hawthorn great Michael Tuck.
Presented since 1992, it is awarded to the Best and Fairest player in the night/pre-season grand-final.
Some well-known winners have been Wayne Carey, Robert Harvey and Nick Stevens at both Port Adelaide and Carlton.
Source: AFL Record Season Guide 2013.

Peter Carey.
The term ‘club stalwart’ is sometimes used too readily.  But in the case of Peter Carey it definitely applies.
Over 18 seasons (1971-1988) he played an amazing 448 games for Glenelg in the SANFL and kicked 521 goals.
As well as being inducted into the Australian Football Hall of fame in 2009, he was club Best and Fairest 3 times, leading goal kicker in 1973 and Captain ’83-’88. 
He was also in 3 Premiership teams, played for South Australia 19 times and was All Australian in 1979 and 1980.
Source: AFL Record Season Guide 2013.

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