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2014 Round 25, Three quarter time.

30th August Birthdays.

 PLAYER OF THE DAY. Mark Jackson, born 30th August 1959.
If you had to pick a few words to describe Mark 'Jacko' Jackson they would probably be individual, a character and unique.

On Richmonds list at one stage he was loaned to South Freemantle  but actually got a vote of unpopularity by the other players and returned to Richmond where he was unable to get a senior game.

For the 1981 and 1982 seasons he played under Ron Barassi at Melbourne and was in 41 games for 152 goals.  Ron was not able to put up with his antics and so he moved on to St. Kilda. 

There he played just 10 games in 1983 for 41 goals, which included a bag of 10 against Sydney.  Again he tried the coaches patience and mid season he was sacked but found his way to Geelong.

From 1984 to '86 he was able to notch up 31 games for 115 goals, but once more the coach despaired at his behaviour and that was the end of his VFL career.

Along the way he kicked 308 goals in 82 games, an average of 3.3 and he had a streak of 79 games where he kicked at least 1 goal.

Source: The Encyclopaedia Of AFL Footballers.

Haydn Bunton Snr. came to the Fitzroy football club under some controversy.  It was claimed he had been paid to sign with Fitzroy, which was not allowed at that time, and he was banned from playing for the whole of the 1930 season.
Then when he did get to play, the 19 year old with the ‘matinee idol looks’, won the Brownlow medal in 1931 and ’32, was runner up in 1934 and then won again in 1935.

Obviously he was a highly skilled player, averaging over 30 kicks a game and as well as the Brownlows he was Fitzroy Best and Fairest twice and leading goal kicker twice.
After his time in Victoria he went to Western Australia and won the Sandover Medal (Best and Fairest) three times also.
His playing career finished with Port Adelaide and he then went on to be an umpire and coach.
Source: The Encyclopaedia Of AFL Footballers.

North Melbourne-The Early Years.
There is no official record of the foundation of the North Melbourne football club, but we do know that they played in the competition of the time in 1869.
The first documented report of them playing was in ‘The Australasian’ on 2nd October 1869, stating that they had won their last game for the season.  Then, again in July 1870, there is a report of them defeating Carlton United.
It was believed that North were originally called Hotham, however there is also an item about a club called Hotham having a win on that same day in July 1870.  It is quite possible that players were moved between the two clubs.
Whilst being called a ‘junior club’, they were starting to gain recognition and in 1873 they played 14 games, winning 7, drawing 6 and losing 1.
Sharing Royal Park with Carlton as their home ground, North became a ‘senior club’ in 1874 and by 1875 had 120 members.
Source: The Clubs, The Complete History Of Every Club In The VFL/AFL. 
Kevin Bartlett-Hall Of Fame Legend.
No doubt all of the people recognised as a legend in the Australian Football Hall Of Fame deserve to be there, but the title seems to fit some more than others.
Kevin ‘Hungry’ Bartlett would be one of those. Playing 403 games from 1965 to 1983 he kicked 778 goals and was Richmond through and through.
There wasn’t much of him, but what he did have was pace, as well as enormous talent, so he just kept out of trouble and had 29 injury free seasons.
Personal achievements along the way include, 5 club Best and Fairests, leading goal kicker 3 times, 20 state games, 5 Premierships and the Norm Smith Medal in 1980.
Source: The Encyclopaedia Of AFL Footballers.

Fog Disrupts Game.
21st August 1971 and Carlton was looking to get into the finals to defend their premiership win over Collingwood from the year before.
On this day they were playing Fitzroy and at half time were 25 points in arrears. In the third quarter they started to make a comeback, but then nature had its way and thick fog rolled in across the ground.
It was so bad that they couldn’t see the ball about 10 metres away and the spectators had no clue as to what was happening.  Then the fog disappeared again, but Carlton had lost its run and ended up losing by 23 points.
Source: Our Game by Jim Main.

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